Inertial Aerosystems

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Inertial Aerosystems, part of the ETLG group of companies, represents US companies at the leading edge of technology.

The technologies include:
  • Solid state MEMS sensors used in tactical grade accelerometers and gyroscopes/IMU’s, all manufactured in high volume.
  • Ring Laser Gyroscopes used in most of the world’s airline's Inertial Navigation Systems
  • The Q-flex range of servo accelerometers used in high volumes for tactical and inertial navigation, as well as static structural monitoring.
  • A range of high temperature components operating at 225 deg C for 5 years, using Silicon on Insulator technology. Primarily used in Offshore and Fadec Aerospace applications
  • A wide range of intelligent pressure sensors using the most advanced silicon sensing elements, giving both high accuracy & long term stability in Aerospace and industrial markets.
  • Magnetic sensors, magnetometers and compasses using magnetoresistive technology.
  • Dead reckoning modules for the dismounted soldier using a combination of compassing, GPS and clever software.
  • RF/Microwave components utilising Silicon on Insulator technology, used in cellular and broadband products.
  • Gyroscopic quartz inertial sensors are micromachined using sophisticated photolighthographic processes which are at the forefront of MEMS technology.