Inertial Aerosystems

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World Leader In UAS Autopilots
MicroPilot serves small UAV manufacturers, large-scale defence and research enterprises, and all that exists between.

MicroPilot offers a family of lightweight UAV autopilots that fly fixed-wing, transitional, helicopter, and multi-rotor UAVs


Computer Conversion Corporation
Computer Conversions Corporation is a technically advanced electronics company engaged in the design and manufacture of synchro converters, amplifiers, displays and encoders, brushless resolver packages and related computer bus interface cards for the military and industrial market place. Standard low cost units to satisfy almost any synchro/resolver or shaft interfacing requirement are available either off the shelf, or with very short lead times. Computer bus formats available (COTS products) are ISA Bus, VME, CPCI, PCI Bus and PC104 built to commercial or military specifications.


Honeywells proprietary magnetoresistive technologies form the basis for a wide range of magnetic sensors and transducers. Sensors are available in chip form in 1, 2 and 3 axis configurations. 2 axis and 3 axis compasses are available in chip form and as fully integrated magnetometers, magnetic compasses and dead reckoning modules.
High Temperature
Using proprietary Silicon on Insulated technology and manufactured in it’s own foundry a wide range of HCMOS electronic components are available in packaged or die. Operating temperature is up to 225°C for 5 years or 300°C for 1 year. Custom MCM, ASICs and special gate array designs can also be supplied.
The range of SMART pressure transducers is based on Honeywells silicon sensor technology. The transducers are microprocessor controlled, programmable and temperature modelled. All units feature high accuracy and long term stability.
The force rebalance servo Q-Flex accelerometer is the industry standard for high performance and long term stability. With 17 different models from tactical, inertial and ruggedized energy, the Q-Flex is widely used in defence, aerospace, down hole drilling, inertial navigation and structural monitoring.
RF and
Microwave Components
Honeywell manufactures a family of CMOS-based high performance Radio Frequency RF digital switches and attenuators for wireless and broadband communications applications. To bring highly sought-after components to the telecommunications industry, Honeywell leverages its Silicon on Insulator (SOI) CMOS technology to the RF/Microwave arena. Use of this technology delivers high performance and high quality products.

Gyroscopes and Inertial products
Honeywell's Ring Laser Gyro (RLG) and Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) based products provide a complete spectrum of Tactical and Inertial Grade guidance performance capability. Each unit, regardless of technology, utilizes common computer architecture for easy compatibility and interchangeability. By leveraging this common architecture across multiple platforms our customers realize economies of scale leading to significant cost savings through component reuse.
Thermal Switches
Honeywell Thermal products provide quality, precision and durability. These sensors are fully tested, appropriately sealed and are qualified to numerous Commercial, Aerospace, Military and NASA specifications. Though small and lightweight – weighing less then .22 lbs (100 grams) each – Honeywell Thermal products are rugged devices, performing well in challenging environments such as: Space, Commercial Aviation, Military (MIL-SPEC), Transportation, Commercial and Industrial.

Jewell Instruments LLC 
Jewell Instruments has 60 year's experience in the design of inertial sensors. Latest developments include gravity referenced, solid state inclinometers, angular accelerometers and linear servo accelerometers. They recently acquired the business of Applied Geomechanics, manufacturers of precision tiltmeters and tilt sensors.

Paroscientific Inc
Paroscientific is the leader in the field of precision pressure measurement based on digital force sensors. Application of this technology to the pressure instrumentation field has resulted in transducers of the highest quality and superior performance. Precision comparable to the best primary standards is achieved through the use of a special quartz crystal resonator whose frequency of oscillation varies with pressure induced stress. A quartz crystal temperature signal is provided to thermally compensate the calculated pressure and achieve high accuracy over a wide range of temperatures.

Silicon Designs
Silicon Designs, Inc. was founded in 1983 with the idea of improving the accepted design standard for accelerometers. Since then engineers at SDI have developed  a compact, sensitive, rugged and, most importantly, reasonably priced MEMS accelerometer and has expanded the capabilities of this accelerometer to include a digital line, a new breed of tri-axial modules and have created numerous custom designs for companies worldwide.
SDI’s philosophy is “Make it better, stronger, smaller, and less expensive”

Systron Donner Inertial
Systron Donner Inertial is the world’s leading supplier of Quartz MEMS inertial sensing products and systems providing precision system solutions to aerospace, military and commercial aircraft, marine and land vehicular applications. Their products and systems are ideally suited for use by integrators and OEMs.

VectorNav Technologies is the leading innovator and manufacturer of embedded navigation solutions using the latest in MEMS inertial sensor and GPS/GNSS technology.