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11 March 2014


New Geophysical/Geotechnical Tiltmeter

The Model A601-2

ETLG Inertial Aerosystems announce the A601-2 tiltmeter series as the latest instalment to the Jewell electrolytic sensor family for geophysical and geotechnical applications. This new model replaces the 520M geodetic platform tiltmeter as a more cost effective option, but without sacrificing much precision.

The dual-axis sensor has the advantage of built-in micrometer levelling legs for easy installation on any horizontal surface. With an absolute gravity referenced electrolytic sensor, the A601-2 presents precision of up to <25 nanoradians with virtually no thermal drift. The options of high and low gain ranges are offered with outputs of ±8 DC voltage (single-ended) and ±16 VDC (differential).

With such high precision and the durability of an IP50 seal rating, the A601-2 is an ideal solution for volcano monitoring, high-precision geotechnical engineering, bridge deflection monitoring, precision metrology, radar platform levelling and high-accuracy tilt monitoring applications worldwide.


08 February 2016