Inertial Aerosystems

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 Jewell Instruments offer a full line of vibrating-wire sensors for geotechnical measurements. The output of these rugged and field proven sensors is a frequency, which is immune to noise under most conditions. These frequency signals can be transmitted through cables for distances of several thousand meters without signal loss—a big advantage in many geotechnical projects. Readings from our vibrating-wire sensors are taken using the Advisor Vibrating-Wire Readout, the single-channel Handi-Logger Mini, or the multichannel Model 798-1000 Handi-Logger.
• Piezometers
• Strain Gauges
• Crackmeters
• Extensometers
• Settlement System
• Load Cell
• Advisor VW Readout
Jewell Instruments also offers software that provides a reliable way to process and distribute data from your projects. This includes tools for managing and collecting data for all of your Jewell digital instruments, managing remote data collection, and handling traversing inclinometer data with a minimum of effort.



Vibrating Wire Sensors  






Strain Gauges