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Tilt Sensors

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Jewell Instruments (formerly AGI) tiltmeters and clinometers each contain one or more electrolytic tilt sensors. The sensor is a sealed glass or alumina vial, partly filled with an electrically conducting liquid (electrolyte) and containing three or five internal electrodes. The sensor’s operation is based on the fundamental principle that an enclosed bubble, suspended in a liquid, always orients itself perpendicular to the vertical gravity vector Electrolytic tilt sensors have no mechanical moving parts to break or wear out. And because tilt is referenced to gravity, they can be installed anywhere without the need for complicated levers or fixtures. Electrolytic tilt sensors offer amazing performance in a small and affordable package. Dynamic range is the maximum measurement range divided by the smallest angle that can be detected with the sensor. Some of our sensors achieve a dynamic range greater than 120 db (>1,000,000:1)
A versatile selection of signal conditioning units for operating our Miniature Tilt Sensors is supplied. These include unhoused versions that are excellent for OEM applications and packaging in your own enclosures, along with fully housed units that are ready for action in your laboratory or factory.


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Minature Tilt Sensors