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RF / Microwave Components

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Honeywell manufactures a family of CMOS-based high performance Radio Frequency RF digital switches and attenuators for wireless and broadband communications applications. To bring highly sought-after components to the telecommunications industry, Honeywell leverages its Silicon on Insulator (SOI) CMOS technology to the RF/Microwave arena. Use of this technology delivers high performance and high quality products. Honeywell RF digital switches and attenuators enable optimized performance and reduced power in high-speed communication networks and broadband network systems.

Digital RF Switches
Differentiating features of the Honeywell Switches include low insertion loss, high channel-to-channel isolation and fast switching time. Honeywell offers absorptive switches of both 50 ohm and 75 ohm to support systems used in wireless and cable television applications.

Digital RF Attenuators
the differentiating features of the Honeywell Attenuators include low insertion loss, fast settling time after switching states, accurate attenuation of radio frequency (RF) signal amplitude with serial or parallel digital control.




RF Attenuators  


Microwave Switches