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Honeywell Thermal products provide quality, precision and durability. These sensors are fully tested, appropriately sealed and are qualified to numerous Commercial, Aerospace, Military and NASA specifications. Though small and lightweight – weighing less then .22 lbs (100 grams) each – Honeywell Thermal products are rugged devices, performing well in challenging environments
For the past 60 years and future years, Honeywell will continue to deliver the high level of quality, reliability and overall excellence that our customers have come to expect. Honeywell Thermal Switches and Sensors are integrated into design in many applications that include:

• Space
• Commercial Aviation
• Military (MIL-SPEC)
• Transportation
• Commercial/Industrial



Thermal Management Thermal Switches  


Honeywell 700 Series Thermal Switches  


Honeywell 500 Series Thermal Switches  


Honeywell 270 Series Thermal Switches  


Honeywell 250 Series Thermal Switches  


Honeywell 150 Series Thermal Switches