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Three Axis Magnetometers

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Our extensive experience in fabricating magnetic sensors allows us to develop electronic magnetometer modules that are suited for land, sea and airborne applications.

HMC2003 Magnetic Hybrid
The HMC2003 is a Three-Axis Magnetometer with analog output in a 20-pin hybrid DIP package. Uses HMC1001 and HMC1002 sensors and precision instrumentation grade amplifiers. Field range is +/-2 gauss with a resolution of 40 microgauss.

HMR2300 Smart Digital Magnetometer
The HMR2300 Three-Axis Smart Digital Magnetometer detects the strength and direction of a magnetic field and communicates the x, y and z components directly to a computer via RS232/485. Field range is +/- 2 gauss with a resolution of 67 microgauss.

HMR2300r Three-Axis Strapdown Magnetometer
The HMR2300r is a 2.83" round version of the HMR2300 designed to replace bulky fluxvalve magnetic sensors used in aviation systems. Additional features include 55 bytes of EEPROM locations available for data storage and an RS422/485 output.



HMR2300r Smart Digital Magnetometer - DISCONTINUED (Round)  


HMR2300 Smart Digital Magnetometer  


HMC2003 Three Axis Magnetic Sensor Hybrid