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Synchro Test Boards / Modules / Power Amps

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CPCi,  PXI, PXIe, XMC Compatible, Universal Programmable multichannel  Synchro, Resolver and LVDT Converter.

Computer Conversions Corporation is a reputable, 40 year old, technically advanced electronics company engaged in the design and manufacturing of synchro converters, amplifiers, displays and encoders, brushless resolver packages, and related computer bus interface cards for the military and industrial market place. Standard low cost units to satisfy almost any synchro/resolver or shaft interfacing requirement are available either off the shelf, or with very short lead times.  Computer bus formats available (COTS products) are ISA, VME, CompactPCI (PXI and PXIe in 3U and 6U formats), XMC,  PCI Bus, and PC104, all built to commercial or military specifications.

All units are supplied in either commercial, industrial, or military temperature ranges. Static and Dynamic testing is performed on all units, and written or printed test data supplied at no extra cost.

Computer Conversions has proven conformance to the Quality Assurance requirements of various U.S. Naval, Aircraft, Missile and Nuclear programs. Computer Conversions’ Quality Control system conforms to MIL I45208, and source inspection is available on request.

Qualification and/or environmental testing are available on all units manufactured. In addition, burn-in and life testing to customer specifications can also be done. Hi-reliability units can be supplied with MIL 38510 and MIL STD. 883 IC’s ER resistors, capacitors and Jan TX Semiconductors on request.



CP3000 3U cPCI and PXI Compatible, Universal Programmable Synchro, Resolver and LVDT Converter.  




PC Compatible ISA Bus Cards  


PC104 Bus Cards  


VME Bus Cards  


Multispeed Synchro to Digital in one Module  


Synchro Amplifiers & Digital to Synchro Converters  


Transformer Isolated Multiplexed Synchro to Digital Converter - Series MSI  


High Accuracy Digital to Resolver - Series UDR  


Miniature Synchro/Resolver to Digital Series HSDC  


Miniature Synchro to Resolver Converters  


Reference Powered Digital to Synchro/Resolver  


Digital to Synchro/Resolver Series DSC  


Vector Generator - Series DVG  


HSDC/HRDC Series  


High Accuracy Synchro to Digital - Series USD