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Precision Pressure Sensors

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Smart Pressure Sensors, Transducers and Transmitters are microprocessor based with electronic signal conditioning and many programmable  features. Digital and analogue outputs in absolute, gauge and differential pressure cover a wide area of applications in Aero Space Engineering and Flight Test, Atmospheric and Weather measurements ,  Air, Gas and fluid Pressure measurements, power generation, engine test and manifold pressure and subsea Depth measurements.
These Electronic Pressure Sensors deliver high accuracy and long term stability over a wide temperature range due to the use of proven silicon sensing technology combined with digital correction.


PPT2 Next Generation PPT  


Precision Pressure Transducer Explosion -Proof (PPTE) - DISCONTINUED  


Precision Pressure Transducer Ruggedized (PPTR)  


Precision Pressure Transducer (PPT)  


RDD100 Digital Display Accessory - DISCONTINUED  


LG1237 Pressure Transducer - DISCONTINUED  


Integrated Pressure Sensor (IPS)  


Integrated Pressure Transducer (IPT)