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High Temperature Semiconductors

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Honeywell has developed a revolutionary family of high temperature electronic component products that use our Silicon On Insulator (SOI) CMOS technology to provide extraordinary value in high temperature applications.
Designed to continuously operate for at least 5 years at 225°C, our standard electronic product family and Gate Arrays are targeted at sensor signal conditioning, data acquisition and control applications in hostile environments. These high temperature electronics offer significant reliability and performance advantages over traditional silicon integrated circuits when the operating temperatures are greater than 150°C.
Honeywell High Temperature Offerings Include:
• HTMOS™ Standard Electronic Products
• Custom Analog, Mixed Signal and Digital ASIC Solutions
• Specialized Multi Chip Module (MCM) Packaging for Customized Solutions

From deep well drilling to next-generation military jet engines, applications requiring accurate performance under the most extreme conditions count on Honeywell for reliable high temperature components.









Dual 8 Channel Analog Multiplexer  


Single 16 Channel Analog Multiplexer  


Power FET  


Crystal Clock Generator  


Quad Analog Switch  


Positive Linear Regulator  


Quad Operational Amplifier  


Dual Precision Operational Amplifier  


Analog-to-Digital Converter