Inertial Aerosystems

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Dead Reckoning Modules

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The Dead Reckoning Module (DRM™) 4000 is a miniature, electronic device for personnel on foot that provides the user’s position relative to an initialization point. Dead Reckoning (DR) data and external GPS NMEA data are blended by an internal Kalman filter. When GPS data is available the dead reckoning sensors are automatically calibrated continuously and the two data sources are blended into a composite real-time position data output. When GPS data is unavailable, dead reckoning takes over. DRM™4000 position error characteristics are independent of time, and depend primarily on distance travelled.

Commercially available gyros are included to compensate for transient magnetic disturbances and transient accelerations that may interfere with compass operation. A barometric altimeter provides vertical position accurate enough to discriminate between floors of a building(1.5 meter accuracy). High fidelity azimuth data from the magnetic compass is also available for use by the host system.The DRM™4000 unit can be directly interfaced to many GPS receivers and man-pack computers, and includes capabilities for accurate field calibration. Applications for the DRM™4000 include personnel tracking (fire, police, and security), real-time waypoint navigation, disaster relief operations, and cell phone signal strength mapping.