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Honeywell offers high accuracy compassing solutions for personal, vehicle, aircraft, and marine navigation. Their extensive experience in the fabrication of magneto-resistive sensors allows them to develop electronic compass modules that are suited to ground, air, and water dead reckoning.

Two-axis magnetic compasses measure the horizontal vector components of the earth's magnetic field using two sensor elements in the horizontal plane but orthogonal to each other. Called the X and Y-axis sensors, each sensor on an electronic compass assembly measures the magnetic field in its sensitive axis and the arc tangent Y/X provides the heading of the compass with respect to the X-axis. A two-axis compass can remain accurate as long as the sensors remain horizontal to the gravitational vector. In moving platform applications, two axis compasses are mechanically "gimballed" to remain flat and accurate.

Three-axis magnetic compasses contain magnetic sensors in all three orthogonal vectors of an electronic compass assembly to capture the horizontal and vertical components of the earth's magnetic field. To electronically gimbal the compass, the three magnetic sensors are complemented by a tilt-sensing element to measure the gravitational direction. The tilt sensor provides two-axis measurement of compass assembly tilt, known as pitch and roll axis. The five axes' of sensor inputs are combined to create a "tilt-compensated" version of the X and Y-axis magnetic vectors, and then computed into a tilt-compensated heading.



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