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Barometric Sensors

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The Digiquartz range of Barometric sensors and instruments offer  a wide range of units for customer use. The basic transducer the 216B provides the operational sensor which is used in all of the Barometric range of  Digiquartz  instruments. The  range includes stand-alone units with frequency output (216B); 1000 and 6000-16B sensors with RS232/485 outputs in standard ASCII code and engineering outputs.; the 745-16B Laboratory standard with RS232/485 output and 6 Digit display; The 765-16B field standard in a ruggedized case  with RS232/485 output and 6 Digit display. These instruments are used as transfer standards in laboratory and field applications .and have been used in international calibration and inter-comparison studies.



Model 745-16b  


Model 6000-16B  


Model 1000-16B  


Model 216B  


Model 745