Inertial Aerosystems

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Four types of linear accelerometer are available.

The Industry Standard Q-Flex range from Honeywell offer the very best in accuracy, long term stability and repeatability. These servo, force re-balance accelerometers are used in many applications from instrumentation to full Inertial Navigation systems. Also included is a frequency output accelerometer based on dual vibrating quartz elements. A ruggedized range of Q-Flex accelerometers, designed for the energy market, sustain operating temperatures up to 200°C.

Silicon Designs MEMS capacitive accelerometers are based on a standard 8mm square chip. These cost effective single and triaxial units are offered in standard ranges to from 2g to 400g with optional higher ranges and operating temperature in excess of 125°C. Also included is a digital output option. These units are used in industrial, automotive, offshore and military applications.



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Model 3330 G-Logger